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Steer King Cross Reference | King Pin Repair Kits

Steer King Cross Reference
King Pin Repair Kits for Stemco Kaiser, Meritor, and Spicer

Steer King Cross Reference
King Pin Repair Kits for Stemco Kaiser, Meritor, and Spicer

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Steer King Spiral SKSSteer King Bronze SKBMakePin TypeKing Pin DimensionsSpindle Bore DimensionsAxle Bore DimensionsSTEMCO Kaiser Qwik KitSTEMCO Kaiser Plus KitMeritor Spiral KitSpicer Spiral Kit
SKS0793118 SKB0793118 ROCKWELLB1.794 x 10.401.919/1.9211.795/1.797KG931R77.931.18R202010KPK3010
SKS0890112 ROCKWELLB1.999 x 11.042.124/2.1262.000/2.002KH901L78.901.12  
SKS0893106 SKB0893106 FORDB1.999 x 11.212.124/2.1262.000/2.002KH931F78.931.06  
SKS0893112 SKB0893112 ROCKWELLB1.999 x 11.212.124/2.1262.000/2.002KH931L78.931.12R202011KPK3007
SKS10109 IHA1.359 x 7.971.486/1.4851.358/1.360K101I70.101.09  
SKS10209 SKB10209 IHB1.359 x 7.971.486/1.4851.358/1.360K102I70.102.09R202005KPK3005
SKS10319 SKB10319 DANAC1.359 x 7.971.483/1.4851.358/1.360K103S70.103.19R202009KPK3004
SKS12001 SKB12001 ALLIANCEB1.771 x 9.232.045/2.0471.772/1.774K120A R202037 
SKS12005 SKB12005 EATONA1.625 x 9.191.749/1.7501.626/1.627K120E70.120.05R202007KPK3006
SKS12008* SKB12008* HENDRICKSONH/A1.810 x 9.541.937/1.9391.811/1.812K120H   
SKS12009# SKB12009# IHB1.921 x 9.872.045/2.0471.922/1.923K120I70.120.09R202004KPK3003
SKS12018 ROCKWELLB1.794 x 10.401.919/1.9211.795/1.797K120R70.120.18R202040 
SKB12108-KP HENDRICKSON--1.937/1.939--   
SKS12205* SKB12205* EATONA/C1.794 x 9.051.919/1.9211.794/1.796K122E70.122.05R202001KPK3011
SKS12305 SKB12305 DANAC1.794 x 9.051.919/1.9211.794/1.796K123E70.123.05R202033 
SKS12311 LINKA1.794 x 9.051.919/1.9211.794/1.796K123K   
SKS12523 SKB12523 WESTPORTA1.810 x 10.561.937/1.9391.811/1.812K125W70.125.23  
SKS12623 SKB12623 WESTPORTA1.810 x 10.561.936/1.9381.811/1.812K126W70.126.23  
SKS12723 SKB12723 WESTPORTA1.810 x 10.561.936/1.9381.811/1.812K127W70.127.23  
SKS13018 SKB13018 ROCKWELLB1.794 x 9.021.919/1.9211.795/1.797K130R   
SKS13023 SKB13023 WESTPORTB1.794 x 10.401.919/1.9211.795/1.797K130W   
SKS13108 SKB13108 HENDRICKSONA1.810 x 9.541.937/1.9391.811/1.812K131H   
SKS13118 SKB13118 HENDRICKSONB1.794 x 9.021.919/1.9211.795/1.797K131R   
SKS13211 LINKA1.794 x 9.051.919/1.9211.794/1.796K132K   
SKS14119# SKB14119# IH / SPICERB2.046 x 10.122.171/2.1732.04/2.048K141S70.141.19R202020KPK3064
SKS14605* SKB14605* EATONA/C1.872 x 9.052.057/2.0581.873/1.875K146E70.146.05R202018KPK3016
SKS14705 SKB14705 DANAC1.872 x 9.052.057/2.0581.873/1.875K147E70.147.05R202006KPK3002
SKS14905 SKB14905 KIMBLEC1.872 x 9.052.057/2.0581.873/1.875K149E   
SKS16019 SKB16019 SPICERB2.046 x 11.002.171/2.1732.047/2.048K160S70.160.19  
SKS16119 SKB16119 DANAB2.046 x 11.002.171/2.1732.047/2.048K161S   
SKS18005 SKB18005 EATONA1.872 x 9.972.057/2.0581.873/1.875K180E70.180.05R202019KPK3009
SKS18018 SKB18018 ROCKWELLB1.999 x 11.212.124/2.1262.000/2.002K180R70.180.18R202031 
SKS18118 SKB18118 ROCKWELLB1.999 x 11.212.124/2.1262.000/2.002K181R70.181.18R202030 
SKS20019 DANAB2.046 x 10.072.171/2.1722.047/2.048K200S   
SKS20119 DANAC2.046 x 10.072.171/2.1722.047/2.048K201S R202034 
SKS53313 MACKF1.625 x 7.461.749/1.751TaperedK533M70.533.13R202015KPK3013
SKS53613 MACKE2.360 x 8.922.559/2.561TaperedK536M R202035 
SKS61613 MACKF2 .125 x 8.752.499/2.501TaperedK616M70.616.13R202026 
SKS7018 SKB7018 MERITORB1.499 x 7.151.626/1.6281.501/1.503K70R70.070.18R202021 
SKS8018 SKB8018 ROCKWELLB1.500 x 7.501.626/1.6281.501/1.503K80R70.080.18R202012KPK3008
SKS93112 SKB93112 ROCKWELLB1.794 x 10.401.919/1.9211.795/1.797K931L70.931.12R202014KPK3021
SKS94106 SKB94106 FORDB1.794 x 10.071.919/1.9211.795/1.797K941F70.941.06  
SKS9410601 SKB9410601 FORDB1.794 x 10.071.919/1.9211.795/1.797K941FA   
SKS94118 SKB94118 ROCKWELLB1.500 x 8.931.626/1.6281.501/1.503K941R70.941.18 KPK3057
SKS94206 SKB94206 FORDB1.794 x 10.071.919/1.9211.795/1.797K942F70.942.06  
SKS9420601 SKB9420601 FORDB1.794 x 10.071.919/1.9211.795/1.797K942FA   
SKS96112 SKB96112 ROCKWELLB1.794 x 10.401.919/1.9211.795/1.797K961L70.961.12R202002KPK3001
SKS98118 SKB98118 ROCKWELLB1.794 x 8.871.920/1.9211.795/1.797K981R70.981.18R202003KPK3056
SKS0894618 ROCKWELLB1.794 x 9.191.919/1.9211.795/1.797KH946R   
SKS01999 SKB01999 ALLIANCEB1.771 x 9.232.045/2.0471.772/1.774N/A   
SKS12101 SKB12101 ALLIANCEB1.771 x 9.232.045/2.0471.772/1.774K121A   
SKS13318 SKB13318  B1.999 x 10.792.124/2.1262.000/2.002K133R   
SKS13418 SKB13418 MERITORB1.794 x 8.531.919/1.9211.795/1.796K134R   
SKS14505 EATONC1.872 x 8.672.057/2.0581.873/1.875K145E   
SKS20018 MERITORB1.999 x 10.792.124/2.1262.000/2.002K200R   
SKB30050 HENDRICKSONH/A1.810 x 9.541.937/1.9391.811/1.812    
SKS61372 MERITORB1.999 x 10.322.124/2.1262.000/2.002    
SKS62972 SKB62972 MERITORB1.794 x 8.68 1.919/1.9211.795/1.796    
SKS6826 ISUZUA1.181 x 7.381.338/1.3401.182/1.184K68Z   
SKS6926 ISUZUA1.181 x 7.381.338/1.3401.182/1.184K69Z   
SKS8123 SKB8123 WATSON CHALINB1.500 x 8.951.626/1.6281.501/1.503K81W   
SKS61572 SKB61572 MERITORB1.794 x 10.40 1.919/1.921 1.795/1.797     
SKS62872 SKB62872 MERITOR B1.794 x 8.68 1.919/1.921 1.795/1.796     
SKS63272 SKB63272 MERITOR B1.794 x 8.68 1.919/1.921 1.795/1.796     
SKS63372 SKB63372 MERITOR B1.794 x 8.68 1.919/1.921 1.795/1.796     
SKS63472 SKB63472 MERITOR B1.794 x 8.68 1.919/1.921 1.795/1.796     

Pin Type Descriptions


Single lock


Double lock, opposite side


Double lock, same side


Tapered threaded




Step threaded


No lock


Single step

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