SKS16019 | Spiral Kit - K160S | ATRO

SKS16019 | Spiral Kit - K160S

SKS16019 - Spiral Kit - K160S

SKS16019 — Spiral Kit - K160S

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Item Description
ATRO # SKS16019
Category Steering
Description Spiral Kit - K160S
Your Price ($USD)
Shipping Weight 27.17 lbs
UPC Code 751354042085
Part Dimensions
Inside Diameter
Outside Diameter — Reference
Outside Diameter — Large
Outside Diameter — Small
Qty Per Vehicle
Contains Bushings
Includes Kit Components
Kingpin (2)
Bushing (4)
Bearing BRT208 (2)
Seal Kit SL141S-Con (1)
Lock Pin LP160S-S (2)
Lock Pin LP160S-L (2)
Shim and Hardware Kit BK141S (1)
Misc. Specs
Kingpin=11.00"X2.046" - Double Lock Opposite Side
Fitment: Spicer/Dana/Eaton, 02 Codes, Codes: 16000# 02-ADH, 02-AEU, 02-AEV, 02-AEW, 18000# 02-ADJ, 20000# 02-ADK
Spicer/Dana/Eaton, I Codes, Codes: 16000# I-160S, I-160W 18000# I-180S, I-180W 20000# I-200S, I-200W 22000# I-220S, I-220W
Install Tool Long T-Handle=SKT060L, Short T Handle=SKT060S
Removal Tool
Tool Handle
Misc. Tool Seal Driver=SKPT141S
Warranty U.S./Canada 3-Year; Export 1-Year

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