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Peterbilt — Air Trac

Peterbilt — Air Trac


This air suspension has a maximum capacity rating of 46,000 pounds. It features lower radius rods that strengthen and stabilize the suspension but tend to cause a rougher ride quality than the Air Leaf or Low Mount Air Leaf.

Peterbilt AIR TRAC

Fast Facts

Peterbilt — Air Trac
Type Air suspension with maximum capacity rating of 46,000 pounds.
Features Lower radius rods that strengthen and stabilize the suspension.
Problem Areas Torque rods / torque rod bushings. Spring roller.
ATRO Solutions Transverse torque rod replacement. Lower torque rods replacement. Spring roller, or spring roller kit replacements.

 Tech Tips and Additional Resources

ATRO’s transverse rod replacement (ATRO’s TR75-41059, OE# 03-04059):

  • Rebushable and rotating-pin for easy installation
  • Heavy-duty bushing (OE standard bushing has smaller O.D.)
  • If rebushing ATRO’s TR75-41059, use ATRO’s TS38000
  • If rebushing OE/aftermarket rods, use ATRO’s TS34000

ATRO’s torque rods for lower rod replacement:

  • Rebushable and a rotating-pin for easy installation
  • The lower rods come in two versions:
    • 1. ATRO’s TR75-41119 is a direct OE replacement – both use the larger straddle bushing (TS38000)
    • 2. ATRO’s TR75-41327 option is also a direct replacement to the OE offering. Note: the bushings within the same rod differ. The axle bracket end has a 3/4" bolt but the frame end has a 5/8" bolt. ATRO’s rod, TR75-41327, has a TS38000 in one end and a TS38750 in the other.

ATRO also offers the spring roller, SU75-29623, or the complete spring roller kit, SU75-29624. ATRO pricing on the kit includes the polyurethane and steel rollers plus the bolt, nut and washer.

 Wear Items

  • Torque rod/torque rod bushings
  • Spring roller

 Key Parts

ATRO Torque Rod Bushing TS38000
Torque Rod Bushing

(3/4" bolt hole)

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ATRO Shock Bushing PL1026
Shock Bushing


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ATRO Spring Roller SU75-29623
Spring Roller


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ATRO Spring Roller Kit SU75-29624
Spring Roller Kit


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Peterbilt Air Trac suspension details
Peterbilt Air Trac

Suspension details showing hanger, spring, and torque rod.