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Peterbilt — Air Leaf

Peterbilt — Air Leaf


This air suspension has a maximum capacity rating of 40,000 pounds. This suspension, like the Low Mount Air Leaf, does not have lower radius rods like those found on the Air Trac. The air bags are supported on a paddle.

Peterbilt Air Leaf

Fast Facts

Peterbilt — Air Leaf
Type Air suspension with maximum capacity rating of 40,000 pounds
Features The air bags are supported on a paddle.
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 Tech Tips and Additional Resources

The eye casting that is bolted on the spring houses the pivot bushing (ATRO’s PB75-29674: OE#03-04059)

  • PB75-29674 is a spring eye bushing service kit that has bushings, sleeve, washers and hardware. The polyurethane components within this kit are PL1076 and PL1075 (2 per kit) and are also available separately. (PB75-29674 is ½" longer than the original design Low Mount Air Leaf version, PB75-29101.)
  • Tech Guidelines bulletin TG103009 outlines recommended installation sequence for PB75-29674.

ATRO Torque Rod TR75-41059 (OE# 03-04059 or C65-6013):

  • Rebushable (OE standard is non-rebushable; rebushable OE options are available)
  • Rotating pin for easy installation
  • Chemically resistant proprietary polyurethane
  • Heavy-duty bushing – the OE standard bushing is a smaller outer diameter. The ATRO solution is a more robust bushing (TS38000, 2 ¾" OD), there is no clearance issue with the change

Rebushing an OE rod:

Use ATRO’s TS34000 (2 17/32" OD)

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Mfg Rod Bushing Dimension Rebushable Rotating
ATRO TR75-41059 1 1/4" O.D. TS38000 (2 3/4") Yes Yes
OE #03-04059 1 1/8" O.D. TS34000 (2 17/32") Varies No

 Wear Items

  • Spring eye pivot bushing
  • Torque rod/torque rod bushings

 Key Parts

ATRO Air Leaf Bushing PL1075
Air Leaf Bushing


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ATRO Air Leaf Bushing Kit PB75-29674
Air Leaf Bushing Kit


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ATRO Beam End Washer PL1076
Beam End Washer


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ATRO Torque Rod Bushing TS34000
Torque Rod Bushing


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ATRO Shock Bushing PL1026
Shock Bushing


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Peterbilt Air Leaf suspension details
Peterbilt Air Leaf

Suspension details showing hanger and ATRO part PB75-29674.