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1.0 Suspensions

1.0 Suspensions

  • A suspension is a system that relies on all the components working in harmony to perform their given function.
  • When one part gets worn, the rate of stress transfer to other parts accelerates, so early detection of any wear will prevent major repairs and provide long-term savings for the truck owner.

Suspensions are designed to:

  • Carry the load
  • Provide stability against side sway
  • Transfer driving and braking forces between frame and axles
  • Resist drive and brake torque wind-up
  • Produce suitable riding and cushioning properties
  • Maintain axle alignment parallel to each other and perpendicular to the frame
  • Provide minimum changes in drive axle pinion angles and slip joint movement
  • Minimize load transfer between axles on tandems
  • Provide sufficient vertical movement on tandems to maintain traction

Components Making Up the Suspension System Include:

  • Leaf springs
  • Air springs
  • Torque Rods
  • Bushings
  • Spring pins / Shackle kits
  • U-bolts
  • Shocks

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