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Torque Rods for Heavy-Duty Trucks

ATRO Torque Rods
The ideal choice for today's heavy-duty truck fleets.

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ATRO Torque Rod Finder fast and easy product selection online
ATRO Torque Rod Finder

Use our online Torque Rod Finder for a fast and easy way to identify the parts you need. Select the style, select the length, and find your torque rod.

ATRO two-piece torque rod chart for finished rod lengths 12-27 inches.
Torque Rod Technical Resources

Find helpful links to ATRO YouTube torque rod videos, other ATRO website resources and the ATRO Two-Piece Torque Rod Chart web page.

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The World Leader in Torque Rod Technology

This is a stronger, better torque rod.

The ATRO Torque Rod is a high-quality, longer-lasting, cost-effective solution to problems with rubber bushing torque rod assemblies. Typical Rubber Bushings experience traction windup, walkout, dust gather, breakdown and stretch over time causing all types of performance issues, noise, vibration and even sudden failure. ATRO's custom polyurethane ensures optimal performance because it is chemically resistant and stronger than rubber.

Rotating pin technology is versatile and durable.

Gone are the days of frustrating bushing installation and improper clocking. Available in multiple configurations, ATRO Torque Rods feature our free-rotation bushings that eliminate windup and walkout experienced with rubber bushings. They also simply zero out to ride height when installed. ATRO's proprietary free-rotation design makes it easy to install (no need for clocking) and will help your trucks out of the shop while improving ride quality.

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