Torque Rods

ATRO Torque Rods with Free Rotation Bushings.

Faster, simpler installation.

Most ATRO Torque Rods feature our free-rotation bushings — an outer metal sleeve with a rotating inner sleeve/pin. This free-rotation design made with ATRO's custom polyurethane blend eliminates the typical bushing windup and walkout that rubber bushings experience.

Fits all clocking angles.

Rotate the pin to fit all clocking angles.

ATRO's proprietary free-rotation design makes rod installation easy as they automatically zero out to ride height and eliminate the clocking positions. Our torque rods will simply keep your trucks out of the shop and on the road longer.

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Torque Rod Technical Resources

Torque Rod Technical Resources

ATRO's truck and trailer torque rods combine innovative engineering and physically superior polyurethane bushings. ATRO's rods are engineered and constructed to meet or exceed OEM standards. The combination of polyurethane material, mechanical welding and forged eye components creates a better torque rod.

ATRO's proprietary polyurethane bushings are chemically resistant to contaminates such as road salt, grease, oil, acidic cleaning solvents, hydraulic fluid and diesel fuel and feature significantly higher tensile strength and tear resistance than rubber or other polyurethane bushings. Combine this with the fact that ATRO bushings require no maintenance or grease and you get torque rods and bushings that outperform and outlast rubber or other replacement rods and bushings — resulting in less downtime, lower cost-per-mile, and more time out there working.

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