TH99-22101 | Hollow Mount Bushing | ATRO

TH99-22101 | Hollow Mount Bushing

TH99-22101 - Hollow Mount Bushing

TH99-22101 — Hollow Mount Bushing

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Item Description
ATRO # TH99-22101
Category Torque Rod
Description Hollow Mount Bushing
Your Price ($USD)
Shipping Weight 1.96 lbs
UPC Code 751354033687
Part Dimensions 2 1/2" 2.700" 2.500"
Inside Diameter 7/8"
Outside Diameter — Reference 2 3/4"
Outside Diameter — Large
Outside Diameter — Small
Qty Per Vehicle
Contains Bushings
Includes Kit Components
Misc. Specs
Will NOT fit OEM or other aftermarket rods
Rebushes ATRO Torque Rods ONLY
Install Tool
Removal Tool
Tool Handle
Misc. Tool
Warranty U.S./Canada 3-Year; Export 1-Year

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