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The ATRO Difference

ATRO Parts. Built to perform. Built to last.

ATRO Parts. Performance that drives your success.

ATRO heavy-duty polyurethane truck parts are engineered to perform and built to last. Founded in 1987 and based in St. Clair, Missouri, we’re the industry leader focused on quality and committed to excellence.

With precision manufacturing, world-class sales and customer service, and U.S. warehouses that stock parts closer to customers—our team delivers on our mission to help distribution partners and end-users improve performance.

ATRO parts are high-quality, easy to install, and backed by the industry’s best warranty. Customers looking to increase productivity count on ATRO parts to get the job done.

We are engineers not only by trade—but also by heritage.

Accomplished engineer George Sturmon founded ATRO in 1987 after realizing that truck torque rods were a quality problem because the rubber bushings were failing. The heavy-duty trucking industry requires equally heavy-duty parts, and George knew he could engineer a better solution.

So, he designed a way to replace rubber with his own custom blend of polyurethane to make torque rod bushings that last longer and perform better. Today, ATRO has grown to a team of over 100, and from a handful of products to more than 1,000. Our engineers custom design each of our products based on what purpose the part serves: load-bearing, dampening, transmission, shock absorption, or stabilization.

ATRO precision parts for heavy duty trucks

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Doesn't Cut It.

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Engineered for Precision, Performance, and Productivity.

Different parts do different work, while exposed to changes in stress, strain, and the environment. Other companies use just a single blend of polyurethane to make all of their heavy-duty truck parts. At ATRO, we know it takes more than that to get the job done right.

We've designed and developed custom polyurethane blends to precisely solve this problem. The result is industry-leading products that deliver precision, performance, and productivity.

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ATRO Parts Pass the Test. Repeatedly.

ATRO parts are made with custom polyurethane blends—they are chemically resistant, and stronger than the competition. ATRO parts last longer, and will keep your trucks on the road longer. We don't just say it, we have proof. And, we stand by our promise with the industry's best warranty.

ATRO parts outperform the competition.

ATRO Parts Pass The Test. Repeatedly.

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ATRO Quality Standards
ATRO parts last longer and save money.

Time Is Money.
Money Is Money.

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Less Time in the Shop, More Time on the Road.

At the end of the day, it is all about productivity. Trucks in for repair means disruption to your service, your company, and your customers. Leading industry experts report that it costs $1,000 for each day a truck is off the road for service.

Labor costs, parts costs, lost revenue and frustrated customers—they add up in a hurry, and then compound over the life of each vehicle in your fleet.

Our team is committed to keeping your trucks on the road, and out of the repair shop. To learn more about how ATRO’s longer-lasting parts can save your organization time and money, access our Where to Buy map to find a Dealer/Distributor in your area.