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Reyco — 21B

Reyco — 21B


This 4-spring trailer suspension for heavy-duty applications including tankers, lowbeds, rear/belly/side-dumps, flatdecks and platforms. Polyurethane equalizer bushings (and kits) provide chemical resistance and better wear/abrasion resistance than rubber. This results in extended bushing life.

 Tech Tips and Additional Resources

ATRO offers a full complement of equalizer bushings, bushing kits, torque rods and torque rod bushings:

  • EQ83-35300 cast equalizer for 49” axle spacing with cast hangers that includes ATRO’s complete shaft and poly bushing assembly, SK83-31000.
  • EQ83-11000 – poly equalizer bushing (requires 2 per equalizer)
  • SK83-31000 – poly equalizer bushing (EQ83-11000) kitted with attaching hardware and shaft (1 per equalizer)
  • TH83-37997 – poly torque rod bushings (PL1116) kitted with attaching hardware (2 per complete torque rod)
  • PL1116 – 2-piece poly torque rod bushing (requires 4 per complete torque rod)

Torque specs: (unless specified by OE for specific suspension model)

  • Torque rod bolts (1") should be tightened to 140-160 ft/lb of torque. (Initial torque value may drop as bushings settle in. Not necessary to re-torque after proper bushing clamp is achieved.)
  • Equalizer bolts (1") should be torqued to 400-450 ft/lb

 Wear Items

  • Equalizer bushings and pins
  • Torque rod bushings and bolts

 Key Parts

ATRO Cast Equalizer EQ83-35300
Cast Equalizer


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ATRO Equalizer Bushing EQ83-11000
Equalizer Bushing


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ATRO Equalizer Bushing Kit SK83-31000
Equalizer Bushing Kit


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ATRO Bushing Kit TH83-37997
Bushing Kit

PL1116 (w/hardware)

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ATRO Two-Piece Bushing PL1116
Two-Piece Bushing


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Reyco 21B suspension details
Reyco 21B

Suspension details showing hanger, equalizer, and torque rod.