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High Temp Products

ATRO High Temp Products
Withstand the EGR/SCR scorching heat.

ATRO is the only High-Temp poly on the market.

ATRO High Temperature components perform in the extreme conditions of EGR/SCR engine systems, and our HT formula is the only high temperature resistant polyurethane in the marketplace.

These high temperature engine mounts better withstand the scorching heat, retain their form, consistency and elasticity while reducing vibration in the cab and helping to prevent sudden load shifts.

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Ask for ATRO High-Temp parts.

Control costs, and keep your fleets running smoothly.

Here's the typical engine mount problem:
Stage 1.

Watch what happens when a standard engine mount is exposed to excessive heat.

When heavy truck manufacturers began installing EGR/SCR systems, there was an immediate surge in engine compartment temperatures. Motor mounts started failing at a much higher rate. Up until now, rubber and polyurethane used in the manufacture of engine mounts had not been designed to withstand these elevated heat levels.

With the full weight of the engine bearing down on the mount, the long hours, stress and extreme temperature take their toll on the rubber or poly material. As they deteriorate, these materials becomes less and less able to absorb the shocks and vibration. Over time, this loss of support can result in stress on the drivetrain.

ATRO supports the trucking industry
Standard engine mount.

Problem stage 2.

Loss of material properties.

As the temperature rises in the engine compartment, the mount material can compress, and the engine mount assembly may become loose over a period of time.

ATRO supports the trucking industry
Stage 2. Loss of material properties.

Problem stage 3.

Loss of volume.

As the truck continues to operate under high heat, the material loses volume, becomes jelly-like and there is increased play in the engine mount bracketry. There may be noticeable load shifts as the engine is no longer firmly being held in place. Stress may begin to be felt by the various drivetrain components.

ATRO supports the trucking industry
Stage 3. Loss of volume.

Problem stage 4.

Engine mount failure.

In the worst scenario, heat related engine mount failure can end up causing the engine to sag or tilt to the point of making contact with the walls of the engine compartment. If left unhandled, it is possible damage to the transmission and differential can occur.

ATRO supports the trucking industry
Stage 4. Engine mount failure.

 Here's the solution: ATRO High-Temp Parts.

We can take the heat.

ATRO developed polymers to withstand extreme heat and maintain their physical properties. Our initial release of High-Temp products has been successful and we're expanding our High-Temp formula to most ATRO Underhood/Cab parts.

Ask for ATRO High-Temp parts.

Control costs. Improve performance.

ATRO High Temp products are the solution for EGR/SCR engine systems.
Solution: ATRO Red High-Temp Products.